Hello everyone, we have now completed the preview cycle, so today we bring you the full PDF with the cards in their test version (which means they may be modified for the sake of the game over the coming months and until the final version is released). During this time, we will be delighted and, above all, very grateful to those of you who decide to print, try, and give us your feedback, as well as any advice to improve the game. Without further ado, I’ll give you a summary of the first balance changes we’ve made in these past few weeks, which will make some of the cards you saw in the previews somewhat different. You may even find 3 last-minute cards. We hope you enjoy it.

Text and Balance Changes:

  • Hanako’s Emerald City: We remove the trait for it to enter play straightened and instead add the trait for it to straighten during the opponent’s straighten phase. The gold cost decreases from four to three.
  • Kitsune Ino: Instead of give 3 honor, the ability will now give 2 honor.
  • Kyuden Nishiyama: We remove the trait that increases the honor gain of your human Personalities by 1.
  • Bayushi Minato: We add the Loyal and Paragon keywords to prevent it from being used in clans with high family honor, as we believe it could be too powerful.
  • Disoriented: We add “until the game ends” because the initial idea behind creating this event was for it to work for the remainder of the game, making it clearer.
  • Blue Mountains Blade: We add “Crane clan” to the ability that prevents Personalities from moving since the initial idea was to prevent the opponent from moving your Crane Personalities not to take advantage with dragons or oni.
  • Disadvantage Benefits: We reword it for better understanding of how and when to use the gold it grants.
  • Path of Betrayal: We change ‘This Province’ to ‘This extra card,’ as the idea is for only this second card that wins the province to be refilled with your opponent’s cards, not both.
  • Matsu Yuma: Loses the Reaction that negates Force penalties. It was too resilient in some cases, being able to single-handedly destroy entire armies.
  • Foreign Legion: Loses the ability to destroy a follower.
  • 3 New cards: Jade Pearl inn, Dark Oracle and Sapphire Mine.

If you find any errors in the PDFs, please let us know!


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