Yesterday we finished showcasing all the designs for the new frames that our cards will have. However, we know that there are many clans, and just one stronghold may not be enough. So today, we bring you 7 strongholds to give you an idea of some of the themes that your favorite clans will have. You already got to see Scorpion dishonor theme yesterday, so here’s one from each of the remaining clans. I hope you like them!

2 thoughts on “Strongholds First look!”
  1. With just the clan mons to identify the Stronghold’s clan alignment, they all just look the same. Adding the clan colors to the text box should help make them stand out more.

    1. Hello, thank you for your suggestion. Let’s work a bit more on the strongholds to see if we can give them more personality and make them stand out better among the clans! If we achieve a result we like, we will apply the changes.

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