Hello to all fans of Legend of the Five Rings! Today, we want to start with this series of posts in which we will introduce the new image of the cards that will be released in the core  set we are preparing. To do this, we will show you some of the cards that are currently in beta phase, so they could undergo changes in the future. But what matters today is not that, is to take a look at how these cards will look and see the small changes we have introduced in their design.

First of all, we want to introduce the star of the Dynasty deck. Without a doubt, the type of card that shines the most on the table, and in which we have made some changes to its layout. To begin, both the strength and Chi statistics, as well as the name, which traditionally occupied the top part of the card, will now be in the central part. This way, the space for illustrations is greatly expanded. On the other hand, the cost and both the personal honor and its requirement will be in the bottom left corner. Everything else remains the same, making it easy to become familiar with this type of card.

The result is what you’ll see down below, and we hope you like it. The next type of card we will be looking at are the holdings, to continue with the Dynasty deck. But that will be another day.

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